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Posted on 2011.05.22 at 21:56
DSTSS #6 has a title so lame I’m not going to dignify it by copying it down here.
The gist is simple: don’t expect your to-do lists to ever go away. Because there’s ALWAYS stuff to do. For infinity and onwards. I know this because I am a compulsive to do list writer. I average about 2 a day, sometimes more. And it is rare day when I complete ALL the things on them. But that’s fine. I just bump the things that didn’t get done across to the next day. Quite frankly, I get worried if I don’t have a to do list. I get bored. And forget what the hell I’m meant to be doing.

here's a little list of what I've been up to in the last two days:

Bought a Russian dictionary. Today I've copied out the alphabet for me to try to get to grips with. I don't seem to have much luck learning languages so I thought I'd jump in the deep end. Fingers crossed.

Got jewellery for the ball (28th May). Lots of gold and blue. Still need to decide what I'm doing with my hair though so am going on a photo hunt later on this week.

Restarted the P90X weight training- knee is still giving me grief but my arms, back and shoulders are now all achey (in a good way). Hoping to restart my ab workouts too :)

Started packing in preparation for moving out on the 6th June. eeeee! Still not optimistic about being able to fit everything in the car. It's looking like we're going to have to tie a tonne of stuff to the roof to even have a hope in hell. On the plus side, have started sorting out stuff I can get rid of to make space. So far a necklace and a massive pile of books have been decided on.

Finally used to octopus I bought in Spain but have thus far been too afraid to taste. Made a seafood risotto with it and mussels- deelish.

Have decided I am def. buying rollerblades to keep myself occupied over the summer. Just trying to decide WHAT KIND to buy. there are lots of specifications etc that come up whenever I google them and it means BLANKEDY to me. hmmm.

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