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A Month of Quiet

Posted on 2011.07.11 at 17:44
.....and I'm back for an update. Obviously, a few things have happened since I last posted, so it's time for a list which I can elabourate on later (or more likely abandon) but at least it'll keep everything up to date for when I start blogging again on a regular basis. Since my last night in The Crescent (aka The House That Cold and Decay Built) the following shizz has gone down:
  1. I moved back in with my parents in Essex.
  2. I got a 2.1 for my degree and spent a good week crying before I told anyone.
  3. However, this means I have got into Oxford Brookes. yee haw
  4. I tried to get a job. I spent hours online looking for jobs, handed out my CV to loads of local places and even went crawling back to my old horrible workplace, but to no avail
  5. I begun the process of signing on for Job Seekers allowance since I have NO money at all and it's like 2 months until I have to move to Oxford
  6. I begun house hunting seriously. And panicking, because the average rent is 800 per month. UHHH NO.
  7. I've been sailing with my parents (and getting a sun tan- scary potatoes)
  8. My knee has gotten worse, to the point where walking is agony. Ergo, my BMI has doubled. Hence, the lack of portraits. I hate how I look at the moment and am slowly working on losing weight and building strength where I can.
  9. Kurt came and stayed with me while my parents were on holiday. Utter bliss.
  10. I started biking again and realised how much I have missed it. I can't wait to begin exploring places on it without having to worry about getting lifts from people/using the icky public transport system
  11. I bought an Oreo cupcake and it was AMAZING
  12. I went to the Spa and had a mudwrap done in preperation for Graduation (this Wednesday)
  13. I started making a folder for things I'm trying to teach myself.
  14. read One Day and was throughly unimpressed with it. Zipped through in about 5 hours and all I can say is that I really don't think it's going to be the next Titanic or Romeo and Juliet. It's not tragic or beautiful enough. Just very ordinary, which is why it probably speaks to a lot of people but I found myself often bored with it, and frankly depressed. WAY TO BUILD ME UP CULTURE REVIEWS.
  15. I've been reading lots of philosophy and war memoirs. I'm currently reading Robert Persig's follow up novel Lila (questions into morality) and Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. Both are inspiring me and keeping my brain alive.
  16. I baked cupcakes for my brother's girlfriend. Because I'm awesome sometimes.
  17. I joined the gym here, only to break my knee even more on the machines. They also only have one lousy crosstrainer which is sticky and inefficient. I cannot wait to be able to buy my own one, like the ones I used in Wales. Those babies used to burn 1000 calories in 90 minutes. And I wonder why I had abs back then....
  18. It was my dad's birthday last week and I had a baking extravaganza: steak and kidney pie, with a treacle tart and lemon sorbet for pudding.
  19. I recieved some really lovely cards and presents from people for graduating.
  20. I did lots of gardening and housekeeping in general. I R DOMESTIC LADY
  21. I got utterly addicted to True Blood, maxed out the internet for the house and now am suffering bad withdrawl symptoms. WHY SEASON FOUR, WHY AREN'T YOU ALL OUT IN THE WORLD FOR ME TO VIEW NOW?
  22. In a totally unrelated note, I want to have babies with Alexander Skarsgard. And by babies I mean naked wrestling.
  23. I'm making a giant seed pod scultpure out of wire and Other Things...
  24. I also learnt how to gut squid. Lets just say that gutting squid does not make you want to eat them- it makes you want to roll around in a vat of bleach and never go near the sea ever again.
  25. I was so unemployed and lazy a few weeks ago, I didn't wear pants for 3 days. Personal record since I was a moody teenager.
And finally....

26. I have a job interview this week. YES YES YES!

So, tomorrow my parents and I are piling in the car to go look at properties in Oxford, before going to stay with a friend on the Welsh border. Then on Wednesday it's graduation time (holyshizzwazz) and then Thursday I come back home again. Wheeeeeeeeee.
Busy busy.
I haven't taken a huge many photos (due to oppressive ugliness) but those that I have will be updated soon (read:ONE DAY)

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