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Posted on 2011.08.15 at 23:01
So....another long period of silence. Which can only mean one thing: a massive bullet point list is a-coming! and sure enough, here it is.
In the last 4 weeks the following has occurred:
  1. I started work at a hotel. My job description is ADMIN, but I tend to do anything that needs doing. I spend most of my time fixing silly mistakes that wouldn't exist if other people did their jobs with a little care. So that's a bit demoralising, but the money is okay, and I get to work odd hours so that breaks up the endless monotony a little.
  2. I got my first manicure (see previous post for shiney photo evidence). Apparently I have 'deep nail beds'. Is this good? Is this an insult? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
  3. I found a flat. I move in on the 9th September. I'm trying not to think about it too much because it doesnt seem real. It also means I'll have to think about OXFORD in general, and my course. A little scary.
  4. I've been sailing. Probably for the last time, as we've finally sold the boat. Bye bye Seagoon, hello New Bigger Future Boat.
  5. I saw Charliiii and spent about 7 hours drinking homemade mojitos and reminiscing.
  6. Kurt came to stay for about 4 days. It went by in a blink. I'm now trying to book a train to Torquay before I head to Oxford because I need a holiday away from Essex. Any holiday. Even camping in the field behind my house would be a nice holiday to be honest.
  7. I co-hosted a Greek party for my mums birthday. We ended up over-ordering baklava so now I'm going to be living on honey and pastry til 2012.
  8. I got drunk. A LOT
  9. I went to Norfolk for 48 hrs which was really lovely. Had a girls night out, with some fantastic drinks and dancing a-plenty. We also visited my grandpa, who has just got out of hospital. We had Tea and Cake.
  10. I knocked down a shed with an axe. Very thereputic.
  11. I then helped build a brand new shed.
  12. I perfected shortbread. After 3 different recipes.
  13. I started sleeping badly. And lost about 3 pints of blood to mosquitos.

And that about brings us up to today.

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