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Nightmare Ghost Town

Posted on 2011.08.21 at 18:02
Business as usual in my horrible brain- any time I am on the verge of moving house I have hideous dreams where every single thing that could possibley go wrong does. And, to top it off, the dreams are so lengthy and detailed that I actually end up believing it's all real and I have been living in horrible conditions for nigh on a month.
Last night I 'moved' to Oxford to find that not only was the house made of collapsable plastic, but that there was a storm, which made the house soggy so when inside, roof stuck to you. On top of that, I hadn't read the contract properly, so the previous owners got to leave all their books and furniture there so I couldnt unpack or move anything of my own in. And the fridge was tiny. OH THE HORROR. AND there was a metric ton of cat food left behind because while I wasnt allowed any pets, I was legally bound to look after the landlords many many aggressive cats.
Thanks brain, that was a lovely  evening.

I've been at work today, slogging my way through an accommodation survey. This means writings lots of little numbers down in a huge grid, and then reducing it down ton a six figure code which has to be put into an online database. This database hates me. It refuses everything I put in and flashing angry red messages at me. GAH.
It's going to a long quiet week as everyone in the world is either on holiday or working far away, including my paren ts, so Im home alone for the next six days. So far I've filled the time by getting mindbendingly drunk, watching lots of DVDS and baking stuff.
I might go on a picture adventure sometime soon as it's blue skies outside as far as the eye can see. Went for a nice walk yesterday- as soon as I left the house the sun sneaked off and the sky opened. I ended up walking in some fields with shoes that sounded like wet fish.

Plans for this evening: tidy the house, get rid of the empty gin bottle mocking me, make something with FISH, scour fashion blogs for summer outfit inspiration, make a gem stone necklace...

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