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Posted on 2011.05.21 at 10:47
Develop Your Compassion
Eg. ‘lets look at this from someone else’s perspective’.
Apparently this takes a lot of practice. It’s not just a case of trying to see things from someone else’s POV, but also being sympathetic to that point of view, even if it sounds insane/stupid to you. Apparently, this is a big help with DSTSS #1- recognising what’s small and what’s big.

In terms of taking these nuggets of wisdom to heart, I actually had a moment of progress (or whatever you want to call it) the other day when I was walking around in Upper Bangor. A group of eight-year old chavs surrounded me on the high street (glad to know children only act aggressively in well-lit, public areas during daylight hours) and said something pretty appalling to me. In between being accosted by this gang of smoking, spitting barely-tall-as-my-knee yobbos and arriving at the shops, I started going into one of my usual reveries: 1. What a bunch of little shits, 2. At least I have manners, 3. OH GOD ITS BECAUSE IM FAT, 4. IM TOO FAT FOR LEGGINGS, 5.MELTDOWN LOSE FAITH IN HUMANITY+EAT CADBURYS TO DULL PAIN + IM NEVER LEAVING THE HOUSE AGAIN.
But after about 5 minutes of this I stopped and went ‘No Brain!’.
I stopped the little doom laden trail of thought and instead considered the following:
1. What in god’s name leads an eight year old to think it’s okay to stop strangers in the street to threaten and insult them? How bad must their life be? 2. In fact, roaming the streets in gangs is not something most good parents allow. 3. Those poor kids. This is how things are for them at 8. In ten years they could be heading for prison. 4. Do I dress to impress 8 year old chav babies?Answer: No.
By the time I got to the shops I’d even forgotten what they had said to me, because every time my brain started to think about it I stopped it in its tracks by counting ingredients and filling my brain with other stuff. It Does Work.
And it is GOOD 

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